February 2, 2010

He Needs Me - Really

I love the stuff kids say sometimes. I always think I'm going to remember their words, or I think I should write them down, but I rarely do either. I'm going to make a better effort, though...so here's my attempt for today.

I'm sitting with friends the other day, talking about how Jack likes me being a Stay Home Mom. I said, "He's just like his Dad. He doesn't necessarily need to be with me, or talk to me, or interact with me in any way, he just needs to know I'm here. Then he's fine." I smile lovingly at him, as he half-eavesdrops on our conversation.

"I know," I continue, "that when he comes home from school, he's going to be out the door again within minutes. But he comes in just to make sure I'm here first." My heart is swelling with this knowledge I have, of how much my kid needs me....

"Actually," Jack pipes up, "I just come in to put my backpack away."

Right. I knew that.

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