January 29, 2010

Disney's Hot Ticket

FYI: I really don't give the Magic Potion that much credit, although yes, I am a nut. Duh! Why would I be trying this in the first place?!? However. I am feeling pretty darn good, third day in a row.

I was just reading a post on Janana Bee about The Rock -er, Dwayne. She's upset with The Rock for going "all Disney" on her. I can understand; she's an old WWF fan and this turn on his career path must be excrutiating to watch. But me? I'm personally grateful for the staff over there at the happiest place on earth. I was not a WWF fan at all, so I never knew who The Rock was, really, until they sucked him over to the dark side.
Janana thinks Dwayne's lost his hotness. Hello?!? Ok, so he's not all guns and sweat, like in the old days. But I have to sit through a lot of brain-rotting movies, because I'm a Mom* (i.e. Paul Blart - I wince just typing it). Sometimes, these movies claim to "appeal to adults too!", but what they really mean is that there might be a smidge of cleverly disguised adult humor, or a Stop Global Warming subplot.

Really? You want to appeal to Moms who take 11-year-old boys to the movies? Don't get in my way with politics or wit.
Hand over the popcorn and give me The Rock.

* Don't start with me. I know I don't "have to" take my kid to these movies, that I could take them to the Natural History Museum or enroll them in Scouts instead. Let me live in my fantasy that seeing all the popular movies and eating at McDonalds makes me a Good Mom.


  1. Hey now, I am not a WWF fan, I am a Rock fan, there is a difference! Also, I agree it's nice to see him do something family friendly, he just needs to intersperse (is that a word?) some kick butt movies too! I like my Rock tough and tender!

    Love the rebuttal by the way! :)

  2. Hi Tam!! What a great comment you left on my blog! I'm so glad to "meet" you, and I've spent nearly an hour reading through your blog and getting to know you. Obviously, I'm avoiding my writer's block. :)

    It's so fun seeing the pictures of Karma and Randy on your blog. Pretty soon, I'm going to be under the illusion that I actually have met and know you, like I am with Kimberly. :)

    I like your magic potion. I may need to get me some of that.

  3. I think the Rock is still hot! 'nuff said.

  4. Ok, I have nothing helpful to add without offending SOMEONE, so I'll just smile and say G'day.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?
    (I can't believe I even know that...)