February 8, 2010

My Humble Beginnings

First of all... Thank You to Joanne, for bringing me to the page in the first place, and for getting me here every day since, especially when I couldn't do it alone...
...and to all the readers who honor me with your time and your comments, who write remarkable blogs of your own that inspire me in so many ways.


I've been writing since I was a little kid. Even though it was my brother who wrote that story - in second grade - about the detective with the Porsche, the one that my parents had "bound" like it was a real book, I kept doing it. I read like crazy and then tried to emulate my favorite authors.

There was this whole Erma Bombeck period, a Shakespeare stint, even a stab at *ahem* trashy romance. But my big thing was poetry. I fancied myself a bit of an artist that way, all the way up through college.

A couple of months ago, I found a Poetry Anthology (I made that up) I had written in the 5th grade. It was bound with thread and leftover wallpaper from my pre-teen bedroom. It was also written in - get this - calligraphy. I think the official title was "Poems by Tammy", although over the years, the front cover has seen some wear and the piece of construction paper I vaguely remember being glued to the front has been lost.

Here is what's left of my first bound edition.

Please be nice if you choose to comment on the fact that, at the age of 10, I was a little unclear on the order of seasons.


  1. Congratulations! All that anxiety about what to write, and the post is just perfect.

    PS I was kidding about the thank you...but you are welcome. You encourage me too.

  2. That's awesome!! I love the poetry, and the calligraphy! What a treasure that book is!

    I went through quite a poetry phase myself, but I was a little older so it was a bit weightier than hair and freckles. I think that would make yours much less embarrassing! :)

    I'm so glad you included the photos.

  3. I like the ten freckles, I must say.
    So, for the smile and for the laugh,
    I wish you a good day
    I hope you take a bath.

    Just a little something I threw together. I really have no idea if you NEED a bath, but it is 6:45 a.m. and it rhymes.

  4. What great momentos! Love the little verses! You were just a budding genious!

  5. I can't believe you found (and posted!) that!!! I *love* the calligraphy...I can just picture you practicing for HOURS!

    I think you and Miss J should get together and write me a release day poem. About freckles. And baths. ;)

  6. Is that your calligraphy handwriting? It's pretty good for being so young! My handwriting STILL isn't that neat!

    I loved your comment on my blog today-- I think that's a pretty good plan you have there!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  7. Awhhhh-----cute. I have all my journal books from elementary school on, plus all my letters I wrote to my grandmom, who kept them and were given to me when she passed, plus every note and letter written to me from high school on. I bound all the letters my brother wrote to me and did the same for a friend and a cousin, and they all said it was the best gift ever to read who they were then and provided insights to their soul and things they had forgotten about......I mourn the em b/c I seldom get letters anymore, though I still send them.....

  8. The poems are cute, and how great is it that you still have them. Like you, I wrote poems and songs when I was about the same age. Once my mother moved, everything was lost.