February 21, 2010

One More Year of Semi-Sanity

The Jackster turned 12 on Friday. When did that happen???

I think he had a pretty stellar birthday weekend, all in all:

  • A three-day diet of sugar, chips, soda and sugar

  • A hockey game with a signed birthday card from the team and his name on the scoreboard

  • A sleepover with his buddies.

8:00 on Sunday night and he's already sound asleep. And I'm right behind him.

Happy Birthday, JMan. I LOVE YOU!!


  1. Great photos! Looks like he had a fun birthday! We went to my grandson's ninth birthday party yesterday. It was at a facility that had laser tag (big hit with 9-year-old boys!), bowling, arcade games, and a climbing wall. The only activity I took part in was eating pizza and birthday cake!

  2. His name on the scoreboard - AWESOME!!! Happy birthday!!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous birthday!

    Last line from Val. Day: those three little words: Let's have sex.

    Um, to anyone else reading this: I'm not issuing some sort of crazy invitation, just reminding her of what the last line of the movie was.

  4. I want to turn 12!! What an awesome birthday!!

    Happy birthday to Jack!