February 23, 2010

It's Okay. Today.

I'm going to try something new. I stole this idea from Whispering Writer, over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, who stole it from Glamour Magazine. They have a section called "Hey, It’s Okay" - a list of a bunch of things to be okay about. I really like this, because I'm working so hard on trying to be OKAY with everything in my life/head/heart and to stop judging myself for everything I say/do/feel.

I don't want to be a total copycat, though, so I won't call it "It's Okay Tuesday", like WW did. It'll just be "It's Okay". Today.

It's Okay to cry at everything Olympics-related, even the commercials.

It's Okay to soothe the tears with chocolate. Like Cadbury eggs, maybe. Just sayin.

It's Okay to have the First Episode of Season 2 of Glee marked on the calendar.

It's Okay to not want to be a teacher anymore, even though it's the only job for which I seem to be qualified.

It's Okay to not Tweet or Twitter or whatever it is, and to not even know what it is, and not even care.

It's Okay not to watch the Kardashians or The Jersey Shore or The Bachelor, even though the rest of the civilized world is doing it.

It's Okay to boss other people's kids around, if they're doing something inappropriate or dangerous, and you're the only adult around. It takes a village.


  1. Indeed it is. There should be fewer of us caring about the Kar-whoevers and more of us taking care of the children in our villages.

  2. ...even if their parents are around. Just sayin'

  3. Love this. I don't watch Jersey Shore either. Though Hubs did the other day and I mocked him for it.

  4. you reminded me that I bought 2 cadbury eggs the other day, dropped them in my purse, and forgot them......gotta go eat them now!

  5. JK - Amen: even if their parents are around.
    Shell - My daughter watches this kind of stuff and I bug her about it relentlessly. Is that wrong?
    Eva - Seriously? You FORGOT you bought chocolate??