January 27, 2010

Day One on Mother Nature's Prozac

Well....it's been 24 hours or so since I had my first dose of magic potion. So far, I have had a really good day. I feel good. I don't feel like I'm going to fall asleep in the middle of any given activity. I don't feel like a drastic change has occurred, I'm just in a good mood. John and I talked about the placebo effect last night, wondering if I would start feeling super today just because I had my little blue bottle and $238 less in my bank account. I figure there must be some effect, but I'll know for sure when a crisis moment hits, or even after a few days if this feeling doesn't go away. Because sometimes I have these days all by myself, no medicinal help needed. But they don't last very long.

MC2, my naturopath, (she has the same initials as my life coach; is that a sign?) also taught me an exercise that is supposed to bring the right and left sides of my brain into harmony. Apparently, when an emotionally upsetting moment is occuring, the brain is all kinds of separated and out of sync. So, I'm supposed to do this exercise whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, or can't make a decision, or am stressing over something. So, last night, before I went to bed, I thought I' do this. I wondered if maybe it would help me sleep better. I crawled into bed and after about 10 minutes, I started to stress out that it might not work. That, if it didn't, I would be stuck, today, having gotten an awful night's sleep. So I got up and took two Tylenol PMs anyway. So much for patience. I think there's some herb in my blue bottle for that, so I'll have to wait for it to kick in.

I'm feeling good about the whole thing, though. I thought it was pretty funny when I was telling John about it at dinner; I could tell he was trying not to laugh when I told him about my arm answering the wall questions. He's an even bigger skeptic than I, but at least he's supportive. He doesn't like living with my craziness any more than I do, I'm sure.

Completely off the subject, I read a great post today. For all my teacher friends and for anyone who has ever sent an utterly insignificant prayer up to the big guy, go read A Teacher's Prayer over at Joanne's blog. It made me laugh; if I were God, I would totally grant this one.

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