August 27, 2009


I'm becoming obsessed with my computer. In the past week, I have hardly been able to get away from it. It's like that boyfriend, just after highschool, who was so intense and so James Dean that no matter what he was arrested for, or what horrible secrets hid in his past, you couldn't turn away. You had one, didn't you? I married mine. God help me make a better choice with this PC.

I have been chain-reading OPB this morning. (Other People's Blogs). I start with a blog I know, like Kim's, because she has a gazillion followers, and I start clicking around her list. Granted, as a result of starting with the blog of a YA fiction author, I am "meeting" a lot of YA fans and writers. (That's quote-meeting-unquote, like I "met" Justine Bateman one time when her bodyguard held the door open for me at the frozen yogurt place.)

"YA" stands for Young Adult. Yeah, I didn't know either, and I'm a freakin' high school English teacher! Reason #52 I quit teaching. But not knowing the YA Secret Handshake is not stopping me; I'll crash any party. I have no desire to write YA fiction; (I lived it for long enough, thank you. There is nothing in the universe that could make me want to go back to middle school, in the form of any character). But I love the stuff that's coming out now for kids to read. I wish Jack were a more avid reader and that I could hook him up with some of these books. His reaction to my presenting him with a book would be quite similar to his reaction to school supplies, so I dare not push it. Until school starts. Then I'm militant.

And, YA or not, I have read so many awesome blogs! I'm so envious of the Bloggers who seem to have all the right connections and know all the right Blog Lingo. There are contests and interviews and pictures of really cool book covers (because some of these folks are actually published). There are fun little facts about people that are truly interesting, even if I haven't met them. And hilarious stories like Little Ms. J's poop story, which had me in tears. I've already plugged her blog (pardon the pun), so I won't go all stalker on her and link you to it every time I read it. But really. Funny story.

I'm grooving on all the different lives people lead and how well they all write. Since I decided to become a Web Designer, out of the blue, since I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, I have been all over the blogosphere and the internet, checking things out. Where in the world has this been my entire life? Here I am, in my pj's, in my comfy big-girl office chair, reading away the hours and calling it "research". And with coffee! Does it get any better than this?

But RL just kicked in and I have to head out to my new Personal Trainer and my first consultation at the new gym. Getting my BMI measured (not to mention my thighs) will be good for me, right? The truth will set me free, right? Or at least give me something to write about when I get home.


  1. In case you haven't read it yet, she has an even better "poop" story: Check it out...freakin' hilarious!

  2. I write about poop quite a bit. I'm sure most people have poop stories, but they also have filters. I always forget the damn filter.

    Thanks for linking me, Tam! Nice to meet a friend of Kim's. And no worries, you'll pick up this blogging thing quick.