August 25, 2009

I Know Nothing

I always knew I was technically challenged, but I kind of pretended not to be.  I acted like I had some inkling of what was going on inside this machine. This week, however, I started my quest to learn how to create websites.  Since I didn't really know where to start, I started Googling.  (See?  I can use terminology correctly.) Suddenly, my screen was jam-packed with sites to explore....and within minutes, I needed a drink.  I was seriously overloaded on the first day! 

This week, I was owned.  By a PC.

I had no idea I had this much to learn, but I should have known.  It's not like the whole computer industry was just born and I'm getting in on the ground level.  I could just as easily become an Ice Road Trucker, as equipped as I am to learn website design.

Nonetheless, here I am.  I'm not giving up.  I could, but if my other option is learning to back up a semi and straighten my hair perfectly in a truck stop bathroom, I'm out.  I'm just not that cool.

But I did learn how to add a new font.  Did anyone notice?

Baby steps   


  1. Yes. AND you're using my Arugula design, but in pink. ;-)

  2. J -

    I am, for now. I'm tiring of pink already. Hate that Gemini in me...