September 25, 2009

My [new] Show

For all the sitting around I do, I'm not a big television watcher. Yes, I love me a good crime drama, but I'm not a "show" girl. You know, people who "have" shows. People who say "I can't tonight, My Show is on." I used to, back in the day; I had Melrose Place and thirtysomething. Later in life, but before it became the singlemost stupid broadcast on TV, I had 24. Nowadays, though, I can't remember to have a show. I don't know when anything is on, and even if I do, I usually forget to watch it or am doing something else at the time. I want to, though. I want to be able to have that proverbial water cooler chat in the morning (another reason I should get a job). So, this season, I'm giving it a shot. Don't let my high personal goals intimidate you. Reach for the stars, I say.

I sort of accidentally subscribed to Entertainment Weekly last year and they review all the fall shows. I've been making a point of watching some that truly interest me and that come on after Jack goes to bed. I just want to say, first off, to get the negativity thing out of the way, there's a whole lot of crap out there. (I won't name names. I won't mention fangs. Or blood.) However, this week, I think I've already found My Show.

Cougartown. I laughed out loud for a (too short) half hour of the wittiest, most realistic sit-com I've seen in a long time. And Courtney Cox, as Jules, is classic. She's the hottest, coolest and most utterly embarrassing mother ever. I thought I was pretty good at mortifying my kids (all kids, really) but clearly, I have much to learn. Even the time I flashed Kim's 12 year old son doesn't muster up to Jules. She takes it to whole new heights.

Check it out, Wednesdays @ 9:30. (I think....don't quote me. I'm still new at this.)


  1. I have a friend who has her own shows. Don't you dare try to call her while she's watching them either!

  2. YES! I have heard criticism of this show and it just makes me mad. I absolutely love Courtney Cox, and her character as Jules is perfect. I love how she says exactly what she's thinking, with no filter. I'm sure I'll be using her in quotes for upcoming blogs!

  3. I wondered if Cougartown was any fun -- we have similar interests I see from your profile - stopping by from SITs......

  4. I saw the adds for this show, and it made me laugh, but unfortunatly it comes on the same time at my fav "crimianl minds". I like a good crime drama too, and this show has been on the top of my list for a while.