January 31, 2009

Blogging is My New Favorite Drug

So I was sitting there last night, at Todd's computer, with Metallica (or some other weird, loud and totally child-inappropriate music) screaming in my ears. Other people were gathered in the family room watching a sit-com and eating various leftovers, but I had already eaten and was eager to check out my friend's new blog. He told me he was going to write one, but I didn't believe him. Mostly he just reads ours and makes bizarre comments, so I was a little surprised when he actually did it.

He didn't exactly jump up to log on and let me read it. I had to ask several times. I guess I come off as a little more judgemental than I think I really am; was he afraid I'd criticize him? I love reading what other people write! Being an English teacher must cast a dark shadow on my writer friends; the funny thing is, it's kind of miraculous that I teach English. I have terrible grammar issues (ask J!) and mostly I write like I talk, which is mostly like a 10th grader.

He shouldn't have been worried. I had absolutely no problem with his grammar, spelling or sentence structure. I know him. I know better. I did spend quite some time formatting the actual blog page, though. I mean, I asked him if I could, I didn't go in there and start changing everything up without permission. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a control freak. I was just trying to make him look good.

Oh, and by the way, my apologies for blogging after a half bottle of Merlot last night. The kids' lyrics were killing us and I felt I needed to share.

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