January 7, 2009

OPC Rock!

So, I was telling this story to Shawn tonight, and she asked if I had blogged about it. I'm sometimes hesitant to tell stories on OPC (Other People's Children) - you know, in case my friends don't want to be sold out. But this one, truly, is classic.

I was at the bus stop this morning, in my car, because it was raining to beat the band. My Abby, the Stress-Will-Cut-Your-Life -Short one, was in the back seat, staying dry, while all the boys battled with umbrellas on the corner outside. Then the other Abby, Abby D (mine's Abby M) shows up at our window, and we invite her to sit inside with us. She crawls in and shuts the door, then the two of them, Abby D and Abby M, start whispering. Suddenly, I'm transported back to 7th grade. While intellectually I know they aren't talking about me, it still triggers a negative vibe and I call them out. "No whispering!" I shout. "What are you whispering about? That's rude!" They look at each other, unsure if they should tell, then Abby M blurts out

"Abby has a David Archuletta CD in her backpack!" They giggle. As if David himself were in there.

I smile to myself, remembering Abby's dad, Josh, at the New Year's party, telling us (openly, freely) that he loved David Archuletta. I say,

"Your Dad loves him."

"I know." Abby says. "He has a man-crush on him. My Dad's not gay, but he's gay for David Archuletta."

Before I can begin laughing, she continues,

"And my brother's not gay either. But he's gay for L'il Wayne."

If only they knew what came out of the mouths of their babes in my company.

Oh, wait, now they do.

Way to go, Josh. Tell Connor I'm pretty sure that no one at the high school reads my blog anyway.


  1. I LOVE the blog on OPC! I'm just glad she didn't say anything about me!!!

    And, I ask you, how can a man who drinks "MAN-grias" be gay??? HA!

  2. Glad you're not upset that I told the story here! :)

  3. Kimberly, I’m sure you meant to end your comment with “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”. Hmmmm...that line must have gotten cut off by mistake.

    Anyway, when all of the cool guys start drinking MAN-grias (and we all know they will), we will see who’s laughing then!! All I know is that chicks dig David Archuletta listening, MAN-gria drinking, manly-men like me.
    Am I right ladies?? Hello?? Is this thing on??

  4. What a trailblazer you are, JD. Lighting the way for all the men out there who simply don't know what they're doing wrong.

  5. Hysterical. The post and the comments. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Hmmmm.... What's everyone drinking tonight? Could it be....Man-grias? Wow, I wonder who started that trend. I think I will bring back tight guy jeans next. I will finally have an ass people can actually see!!!