February 8, 2009

The Burden of Skinny Jeans

Ok, so blogging is a recreational drug, not an addiction. Thanks, Joanne. I thought for a minute there that I was going to get hooked, that I'd never be able to get off my blog, that I'd start becoming Kim (minus the famous author part). But alas, I had more important things to get back to, like trimming my own bangs and downloading more iTunes into my I'm Such A Hip Mom playlist. Like Let It Rock, by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne. How hip is that! Lil Wayne is on my iPod, and not because I accidentally imported it from Matt's collection. The fact that, alphabetically on the playlist, it appears right before Lovebug, is totally irrelevant.

Speaking of Matt, he's onto something new these days. He's leaving his emo self behind, apparently, and becoming a longboarder type. If that's a title, I'm not sure. But suddenly, he's wearing big, butt-showing, baggy jeans and XXL t-shirts, and I haven't seen the straight iron heated up in a long time. He's started to shop at Zumiez, instead of Hot Topic. And all of this is just fine with me; that whole emo thing was starting to wear off on Jack, and that was just wrong on a lot of levels. He gave Jack some skinny jeans, and Jack thought they would look good with his Tom Brady jersey and a pink studded belt. Stacey! Clinton! Get over here now!

Here's the funny thing, though, about Matt. He told me the other day that he's really glad he's started to wear baggy jeans. "Oh? Why?" I ask. And here is his answer, quintessential Matt. I swear, this is my kid's brain in a nutshell:

"Well, like besides the fact that those other jeans are really tight, like you have no idea how tight they are until you don't wear them, like they're the most uncomfortable jeans in the world. And not because, like, parts of your body are being pinched and cut off from circulation, if you know what I mean, but that's like all you can think about, is how uncomfortable you are. Like you're sitting in class and all you can think about it how tight your jeans are. Seriously. Like these jeans are freeing up my brain. I'm not thinking about how tight they are so I can totally concentrate on other stuff."

God love him.


  1. Aha... in the never ending riddles of chicken or egg, there's a clear answer. It's not "I am miserable therefore I wear these bad jeans." Rather, "it's these jeans make me miserable!"

  2. This from the boy who wore (sp?) shoes three sizes to small for a day because he decorated them himself before he tried them on. I have so much to look forward to with my two sons.

  3. You're a cool mom for gettin' on board with the skinny jeans. My husband about died when my friend's 13 year old decided to head in the direction.