March 24, 2011

30-Day Photo Challenge - Day Four

Day Four
A Picture of Your Night

So I'm not really sure what they mean by this.  All that comes to mind is an infrared image of me sleeping.  That's pretty much my night.

But I'm going to interpret it as "evening".

Now, do they mean My Dream Evening?  Like this?

Or my Real Life Evening?  Because there's a slight difference.

In my real life, I might be doing something more like this:

Or  I might be found helping Jack with this...

And even if I'm not particularly good at it, I do enjoy this most nights...

And, as spring descends upon us, one of my favorite things in the evening
 is having all the neighbor kids out of hibernation, hanging out on my street.

Usually, I make time for a little of this...

And because I'm pretty good about relaxing, 
when it's all said and done, my evenings often end like this.


  1. I like the way your evening ends!

  2. That dream evening looks pretty nice, but my nights are more like yours. If you have a good glass of wine around, and kids out in the non-frigid fresh air, things can seem pretty idyllic that way too. :)