December 16, 2010


I have ILH Syndrome.

I Left Hawaii.

And now I'm back home, in the rain and the wind and the can't-decide-if-it-wants-to-be-freezing-or-just-plain-cold state of Washington, and I'm not adapting well, at all.

My friend John suggested that the state of Hawaii give you a month's worth of anti-depressants when you get on the plane to go home.  Um, yeah.  Super idea.

Here's my photo journal of one of the best vacations I have ever taken in my life.  I have to say, here, that I spent a number of years living in and traveling around Europe, enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery in the world,  and this trip to Maui (my first) ranks up there with the best.  Thanks, Mom & Dad!!
Day One, downtown Lahaina, already loving it, even without a tan.
My Dad on his balcony, as we found him every morning. Crossword, coffee, sun.  Life's sustenance.  
The view from MY balcony
The view from my chaise lounge. If I chose to open my eyes.
About ten steps out the front door of our condo. 

With Mom at Morning Happy Hour (at the Kid's Pool!). Killer Bloody Marys with extra olives :)

John & me getting ready to snorkel (not a graceful sport) ...sea turtles everywhere!
This is the kind of gorgeous flora and fauna that is everywhere you look.  Unbelievable!
Even when it was windy and rainy, it was beautiful. 

Mom & me enjoying a cocktail before the Luau. One can never be too far ahead with Mai Tais, you know. 
The view as we enjoyed those.
At the Luau with our waiter, Rob.
My Dad had a few Mai Tais too...
Unforgettable vacation with my folks!!


  1. WWHNBTH* don't have a lot of sympathy for you, but the photos were great, looks like you had fun.

    *We Who Have Never Been To Hawaii

  2. That looks like such an incredible trip!! I loved the pictures, and the smile on your face. :)

    I usually do pretty well coming home from trips, but I did take a jaunt up to New York City last year that had me seriously depressed for a while afterwards. Maybe you need to look into a vacation home?