August 30, 2010

Dream Job

I want Dinking Around on the Computer to be my job. I mean my computer, not some random company's computer, doing data entry. I want to get paid to sit here and write my blog, cruise around Facebook, make cool things in Photoshop, take online tutorials about how to create an iMovie or how to make eggplant cheesecake (just saw it, didn't really want to eat it).  All day.  How cool would that be?

Because, quite frankly, when I sit down, I sit here far longer than I should.  I read blogs and get ideas for writing and page designing. I check out websites of totally random things that have no bearing in my life whatsoever, just to live vicariously.  I so wish I were making big bucks doing it.

I freak out, thinking about adding a job-outside-the-home to my daily routine, especially now that school is starting again and I kind of have to get my act together.  Not that I'm oh-so-busy, but because my time management skills suck.  If I had a job, when would I have time to do this???


...I boycott the laundry. Boys are supposed to smell, everyone expects that.

...I quit picking Jack up from sports. It's only a few miles. He's an athlete, for Pete's sake, he can run home.

...I give up my quest to be The Best Cook Ever. Like I'm having any success anyway.

...I become the crunchy earthy girl I always wanted to be and save an hour+ on hair and makeup in the morning.

...I use Tuesday nights to blog, and give up Glee. Like that's ever gonna happen.

* Sigh *

No one's sending me a paycheck for parking my ass here, so I guess I better unload the dishwasher and make myself useful.


  1. Isn't that the truth! I so wish we could make money blogging, reading blogs and surfing; I'd be rich!

  2. I think this is the adult version of the teen dream of making a living playing video games. :)

    I was reading Julie and Julia yesterday and had the overwhelming desire to cook potato soup. I don't even like potato soup. But the idea of cooking like Julia Child... yeah. I had to nip that dream in the bud.

  3. I'd be wicked good at sunbathing for a living. Seriously. I'd even be willing to let someone do skin tests on occasion...

  4. Look at these ideas... we could revolutionize the entire concept of "work" in this country if we put our minds to it!