April 7, 2010

Take a Minute...

In the midst of our own personal traumas, sometimes it seems overwhelming to attend to the needs of others, too. Like, for instance, if your ex-husband dies and your estranged son comes home, you might not have the energy to comfort your good friend, whose baby niece is in the hospital with an undiagnosed blood disorder.  Or the friend whose son was killed in a car crash, or the one whose Dad finally gave in to the long months of cancer. 

We've been racking up the trauma over here in our circle of friends, I'll tell ya.  But not once have we been so consumed with our own pain that we haven't reached out to each other.  Maybe it's that misery loves company, maybe it's that we're grateful for the things we do have, maybe it's just that, underneath all the daily grind, we're all just really good people who care about each other, no matter what.

I read a post this morning that made me step back and remind myself that no matter what challenges are thrown our way, someone else can always use our love and support.

Check it out.

Here's my challenge to you today:

Find someone who needs a hug, and give it, with all your heart.


  1. Thank you for posting this and linking. Thanks to you and others who have linked to this story, this selfless group of people are known to a few more. I hope it changes attitudes, if not lives.

  2. I went over and read it! How beautiful a story!

    I hugged my daughter today. She had a tick stuck in her and had to go to the doctor to have it taken out. I had to suck up losing my writing time for it.

    Clearly I need to find better, more needy people tomorrow!!

  3. Heidi, I thought you were about to say "I had to suck it out" and I was thinking, maybe YOU need a hug!!

  4. Love this. Hugs right back at you!

  5. LOL!!!! That has me guffawing!! And going EWWWWW all at the same time!!

    No - the closest I got was a set of tweezers and a cottonball. I love the kid but I have my limits. :)