April 8, 2010

Shit. I Knew This Would Happen.

Can you hear that? That wind-like sound, getting louder and louder?

It's me.

Getting sucked into Facebook.

I tried to stay away, I really did.

I said it was too hard.

I said it was too time consuming.

I said I didn't care what 213 of my most intimate "friends" were doing at any given time of the day or night.

I said, when hell freezes over.

Damn, it's cold in here.


  1. lol! I am on facebook, but I hardly ever post anything. I do play bejeweled and check out family photos, and occasionally comment on their photos, but I haven't posted anything myself in ages.

  2. 213 friends, eh? I'm going to have to kick it up a notch... I'm flailing at about 168.

    What I love is the people from high school who "friend" me and then write things like, "It's so good to connect with you again!" and I think, "You didn't even talk to me in high school, what are you talking about??"

    I do love seeing your face on my home page though. :) Which reminds me... I'm off to send you some flair. You're welcome.

  3. Ok, I'm busted. I don't really have 213 friends. Yet. But every time I get a new one, I announce it to the entire family, like I'm winning some kind of game. The highschool reconnecters are good, but I really don't get the friends of friends who I DON'T EVEN KNOW and want to friend me!?!?!