December 14, 2009

Our Last Believer

Last night, John and I were talking about whether or not Jack still believes in Santa. He'll be 12 in February; I'm thinking he figured it out some time ago, but he has never asked a single question of us. I think he's in denial, which is totally fine with us.

See, John's ex-wife was a Jehovah's Witness, so they didn't celebrate Christmas for 17 years or something like that. Our first Christmas together was completely magical for me - Matt was only three, so it was like having two kids for the holiday! Ever since then, Christmas has been huge around our house. Between John and Casey, who was brought up as JW, it's pretty insane. We do the crazy light thing in the yard. We decorate every room with Christmas decor. J does the tree all by himself, then spends many nights sitting in the dark, with just the tree lights on, having his "Christmas Moments". And every year, we say we're going to "cut back" on the gifts. Yeah, right. Not even an option.

I don't have any particular attachment to Christmas, any moreso than any other holiday, so I'm totally good with him taking over. And I still get a kick out of how much fun he has. He wanders around the house whistling and singing Christmas songs and I love that. So we're a little sad that, after this year, Jack's probably going to go public with the Not Believing. He'll be our last Believer ... until the grandkids come along ... and I'll be able to post my own pictures like this one, of my friend Lacretia's daughter. I just melted when I saw it.
This is the Spirit of Christmas!
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Kylee Goetz
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  1. OK, so I am crying like a baby reading this!! Wow! THat is awesome! I am so glad that you and John are able to celebrate the holidays as a family! How magical it must be to listen to him whistling!! We love you all dearly! Merry Christmas!!
    Jared and Lacretia Goetz

    1. Where you been LMS?

  2. Um thats my kid too ya know... cant you tell?? wonderful blog.


  3. I was raised JW as well and I am a Christmas freak. Jack knows, he just doesn't care. I only started celebrating a few years ago and I'm just like the niece and nephew sitting next to me on the floor on Christmas day. It isn't the presents - it is all the tinsel, songs, smells and sense of family that has no receipt attached.

  4. Hi, Tam. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you made a Thanksgiving wreath. Did you make one for Christmas? So much fun and really easy!

  5. What a great picture!!! To me, Christmas is a lot more fun when you have kids who believe in all the magic it brings. I understand how you feel about the "last believer".