November 9, 2009

Seeking Smell Good Job

Crikey! Someone didn't take her meds yesterday! The kid's ok and that's all that really matters. In the end, all of this will work itself out, right?

But a little retail therapy didn't hurt today. I was wandering around Nordstrom with Karma, half-thinking that I might be able to work there, regardless of the fact that I have no retail experience and I really suck at folding shirts. It's just so darn nice in there; who wouldn't want to go there every day? No one ever comes home from a grueling day at the MAC makeup counter smelling like french fry oil, I'm sure of it. And those little black aprons are totally cute "uniforms".

But then I got to thinking about how I'm really not a pretty girlie girl, when it comes down to it. I have to work at getting all dressed up and making my hair perfect. I'd have to do that every day. Hmmmm. I used to throw on a fleece vest and a pair of worn-out clogs for my old job (oh, yeah, and pants too); it might be a little stressful to have to be all jewelled and hairsprayed and such. And I'd probably have to wear lipliner, which, I swear, is the most bizarre thing ever invented and I would just have to put my foot down on that.

This is probably part of the reason I'm still unemployed. I'm a little picky. I don't like teenagers, so I can't use my college degree. I don't like smelling bad, so I can't do fast food. And since good, old fashioned Chapstick trumps all the gloss and goo in my entire purse, I can't work at Nordies.
I should have jumped on the Fish Feeder when I had the chance.


  1. Upside to MAC? You can likely show up at work with no make up and bed head and someone turns you into a glamour puss on the clock in no time flat. I would be painting stars and hearts all over my work mates faces!

  2. Ms J: OMG! I didn't even think of that - I am so applying now!

  3. You need a job where you can show up like I did at the busstop this morning. Nothing says "Hello, Day!" like Uggs and sweatpants. Now that's hot!

  4. Kim, you are so right. That is absolutely the picture of "Bring it on, World!"