November 4, 2009

Career Ops

Slacking again. Sorry.

First off, let's just get the whole I Hate the Yankees thing out of the way. What a depressing game. I'm not even a true Phillies fan, but the slaughter was pretty unbearable. Aside from Cutie Patootie Jeter and Amazing Athlete Rivera, they're all so smug and annoying. Even the adorably adorable Kate Hudson doesn't make up for A-Rod's ego. In case you were wanting my opinion.

I've been actively job hunting again (kind of took a break there for a bit) and still finding no luck. I did, however, get some really good leads from Jen. She thought that my Drew Barrymore Roller Girl fascination, coupled with my superior customer service skills, made me a perfect candidate for Waitress at Sonic. Which is perfect, of course, since we have a new one in town. The thing is, I have a hard time carrying food from the kitchen to the table without making a mess; I can't imagine trying to carry it across a parking lot [in the rain] on wheels. My health insurance doesn't cover injury to pride.

And, I am very sad to see that my Favorite Job Posting of the Week has disappeared from the web, and I didn't bother to actually copy the ad for you. But it went something like this:

Fish Feeder (Part time)

I have approximately 5 fish. Come every day at 2pm and put some flakes in the bowl. Owner just doesn't like the smell of the food. They are nice fish.

Approximately 5. Maybe 4, some days 6, not entirely sure. I'm so bummed someone got the job before I could apply.

Jack is looking for a job too. He had to write his own resume tonight. It's very specific, since the job he is interested in is the part of Danny in the school musical, Grease. The drama teacher required the kids to write a resume to be considered for an audition, which I thought was a pretty cool cross-curricular exercise, even if it did take all night and there's no way on God's green earth he'll get the part, bless his little tone-deaf heart.

He can't sing to save his life. Not like he's 11 and he hasn't grown into his voice, but like he has no concept of tune whatsoever. But he loves it. More than just about anything, besides football and baseball. He sings day and night, whatever little song that pops into his head. When he was a toddler, he used to make up a song for everything he saw on the road when we were driving. Instead of pointing and saying "McDonalds!" like any non-musically inclined kid, Jack would make up a little ditty, like "I love McDonalds / They have good hamburgers / I want a hamburger nooooooooow!" (I won't put the accompanying musical score here, since it would be impossible to recreate the unique randomness of notes.) And now, all day long, I hear "It's electrifying!" and "Grease is the word, is the word, is the word", over and over again, perfecting his solo for the audition.

How can I shoot down that kind of life-long dedication now? What can I do but support him? Please, please don't tell him I told you this, but my favorite line in his resume, under Profile, is "Can sing in a low voice that doesn't make my face look weird."

Ya mean, like this?

Who has that kind of talent, really?

That's a gift.

Rock on, dude.


  1. Go, Jack!
    Great post, Tam. Nice way to start my morning.

  2. Loved this post...I can relate--come check out my post today! lol

  3. OMG, Tam, this is my favorite post ever. First, the approximation of fish. Maybe they swim too fast to get an *actual* count.

    But then Jack...haha...that is frickin' hysterical. Mostly because I can imagine how serious he was when he filled out his application and wrote that (soon-to-be-classic) line. He rocks! I hope they give him a part where he can showcase his phenomenal talent!!!

  4. Stumbled upon your blog from another, and you are too many things! What a funny post! I too hate the Yankees, so you have my eternal love and devotion!

    I hope the job hunt goes well for you... I don't have any fish to feed, but I do have a dog?