October 26, 2010

A Night to Remember

I know - crazy to have two posts in one day when I hardly write at all for weeks at a time. But I got the pictures back from the party and I wanted to share :)

Here are a few of my favorites, taken by our fantastic photographer (and good friend!) Kimberly at Kimberly Atkins Photography.

The Venue: The Attic in Sumner
The cake by Maribel at Maribel's Dream Cakes
My Mom, Dad, brother John, and me,  just before we escorted them in 

My Mom and Dad first coming in the door -- crying already! 

My handsome husband John 

Our gorgeous daughter Casey and her friend, Rodolfo

My Mom and her best friend Nancy, whom I adore

My beautiful, dear friends Todd and Shawn, who have adopted my parents as their own

It was hard to get the mic away from my Mom once she got started telling stories...

...and making everyone cry...
...but then she lightened it up by getting my Dad out on the dance floor
and cutting it up to the Rolling Stones with my cousin Patti and my Aunt Jodi

until we were all barefoot and dancing with the DJ.
Fifty years....now that's worth a dance!


  1. Some of my favorites, too! Gorgeous photos. Sto lat to your parents!

  2. I saw some of these on facebook, but I love the comments and extras here! What a fabulous night! What a fabulous daughter you are!

  3. What a wonderful event! Looks like everyone had a great time, especially your mom and dad! Thanks for sharing the photos!