September 2, 2010

Mom Nap

The littlest McDonald had left the building, and the teenagers were upstairs being quiet, for once.  I curled up on the comfy couch with my favorite quilt made by my mother.  The windows were open and a light breeze was flowing through the room making it just cool enough to nap.  In no time, I started to drift off into a heavenly snooze with no threat of interruption.

And then.

The laundry room door opened ...


But before I am fully awakened by Jack's urgency to ask me some all-important question, Matt appears out of nowhere - bless his heart  - and whispers,

"Dude. Mom's taking a nap."

"Oh, " Jack whispers back.  They are standing 10 feet from my couch. I think they are, anyway, but I can't be sure because I haven't yet opened my eyes and am desperately hoping I will fall right back into my slumber.

Matt: "What do you want?" whispering.

Jack: "I want to ask her something." a little bit louder now...

"What do you need to ask her?" a little bit louder now...

"Something." a little bit louder now...

"Dude, just tell me. Maybe it's something I can help you with." loud...

"No, it's not." louder.

"Jack, you're gonna wake her up.  Just ask me what you want."


10 feet.  In my ear.  Same dif.

"Oh, you're awake." Jack whispers.  "Can I have a cream soda?"