June 6, 2010

A Little Sun Does Wonders

We had a beautiful day here in Washington yesterday - sun and everything!

After so much rain and gloom for so long, it was heaven to see all the neighbors out, washing cars, mowing lawns, gardening...all the kids were in shorts, playing in some form of water that didn't fall directly from the sky.  I got some of the plants planted - the ones that have been sitting in their little plastic pots for the past three weeks, trying to survive the weather. I repaired some of the ones I planted in the first place, that had been ravaged by the rain. And, sadly, I pulled a few of the ones that didn't make it, and gave them their proper burials.  I'm still a novice gardener, by comparison to Shawnie, who is an unoffical Master Gardener around here. But I did pretty well salvaging, I thought.

At some point, I looked up and saw half a dozen of the neighbor kids all huddled around Jack out in the street, so I went to investigate.  Cool bug? Wandering frog? Injury of some sort? Nope.

Construction crew.  Building a dam to catch carwash water.

I love how kids think.

I'm all, Thank God it finally stopped raining! and they're all, Better save this water! We didn't get any today!

Never fear, children. It's raining again today. Put your boots back on and wade out to play.

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  1. Ha ha!! I'm still of the opinion that you seattleites tell everyone it rains all the time so you can keep everyone from moving there. I've been there for a total of four weeks and haven't seen it rain once. :)