May 18, 2010

How on Earth Did We Survive Before???


My computer started to get sick last week, and like a small child, it got worse as each day went on. I tried to nurse it, to defrag and compact and reboot it, but nothing worked.  I got up early and spent hours trying to soothe it, make it better.

Alas, I lost. I gave in and took it to the doctor  fix-it guy and prepared to either hand over every cent to my name, or leave it there for burial and start shopping for a new one.

I got lucky, I think. My fix-it guy is awesome, which is why I go there. He just charged me what appears to be about a third of the standard cost to patch up my CPU and make it run like new (which is relatively equal to the cost of an entirely new machine, I'm pretty sure.) I mean, "new" is like six years old, so it's not exactly running at the speed of light, but it's better. 

I hope.  I haven't actually got it back yet, so I'm here at the public library in a really uncomfortable chair, with a weird monitor that is hard to look at, a keyboard that is going to give me carpal tunnel in just this short hour, and some smelly guy next to me.

Hence, this brief update and a promise to return soon.  Fingers crossed.

After all, we have Little League tournament Championships coming up this weekend and, being the current League Title holders, I might have some bragging writing to do.   Go Pirates!!!


  1. ah... having a computer at our disposal is great, but a smelly guy next to you? Priceless!