July 28, 2009

As Soon As I Finish This, I'm Going To...

So I just spent an hour trying to customize my blog into a new look. Hmmm...wish I'd paid attention in computer class back in college. (Yes, college, we didn't have computers when I was in pre-school, where they learn that stuff now). I attempted to do this at 5 in the morning, too, since I couldn't sleep and thought I had nothing better to do. Obviously, I didn't find much success; I changed some colors, I think. Woo! Better slow down, this technology is wearing me out.

Coulda spent the time writing, but what's a day without procrastination? Here I am, The Girl Who Wants To Be A Writer, with all the morning in front of me to do with whatever I please, and I choose to ... rearrange my blog? I believe this is the modern day version of labeling all the tabs in my binder, making sure they're in the right order, writing my name perfectly in the upper right-hand corner, (erase and start over if not perfect the first time), making sure my pencil is sharpened, or I have the "right" pen, is the lighting good? Chair comfy? Right music on? -- all before taking on the near-impossible ten-minute math assignment. For Pete's sake, my mother used to say, just do it! Stop fiddling around with all that stuff and do it.

Funny, but I hear myself saying the exact same thing to Jack when he begins to tackle an unappealing or daunting task. He can turn any one-page homework handout (fill-in-the-blanks, no less!) into a PhD thesis-length project. This is the best time to hit him up with other anappealing activities, though, over which we usually fight. Like, in the middle of that flippin' science project, as he re-laced his DCs (well, they were crooked, and it was impeding his scientific creativity) I asked, casually, "Hey, wanna take a break and go get your hair cut?" He practically jumped at an opportunity that normally sends him into a tailspin of depression and self-pity. (I guess getting a haircut is torture. I don't know.)

This is because I get him. I know how that little brain works, inside and out. Anything I can possibly do instead of this, will be a better option. Almost. Some things are out, say, like emptying the dishwasher. Or putting away laundry. Those are usually non-negotiables. Tantrum no matter what (yes, I said tantrum, and yes, he's 11). But, if I word it right, and maybe throw in a small bribe, I can get a lot accomplished when he's procrastinating.

Just as I can myself, when I'm putting off that one thing I just can't seem to commit to. I can get entire loads of wash done and you wouldn't believe how much crap I can clean out of the junk drawer when I'm in avoidance mode.

Like this morning. Look how pretty my new blog is.

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  1. You gotta be more like me and use the writing to *avoid* the real work. "Sorry, honey, can't do the [insert any household job here...dishes/laundry/giving Abby a bath] gotta write." It's the perfect out! (I could pound away at the keyboard like a monkey, he'd never even know.)

    Oh, and I loved your line about technology exhausting you. Seriously, I have to ask the kids to do things for me sometimes...I'm that much of a techtard!!!